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No need to hold back on Luxury during your stay; check out our Private Chef In-Cave Dining Options or add a Sound Healing Ceremony to complete your stay.

Private Chef and In-Cave Dining

Chef Chris never disappoints!

Food has always been central to his life – his first word, according to his mother, was 'cereal'. As a retired paramedic and combat veteran raised in a Navy family, he grew up immersed in diverse cuisines.


Recently, Chef Chris had the privilege of working alongside retired Army chef and Le Cordon Bleu alumnus Bobby Anderson of A.C.I. Catering, an acclaimed Tampa-based caterer with multiple awards to their name. Inspired by his early experiences in his grandparents' restaurant, Chef Chris continues to share his passion for food with others.

Connect with Chef Chris directly at 870-365-6643. You'll be glad you did!

Sound Healing Ceremony

Faye Henry of Touch Stones Vibrations offers Healing Gong Ceremonies, where the vibrations produced by the gongs are believed to resonate with the body, mind, and spirit. These ceremonies aim to release tension, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Conducted in tranquil settings conducive to relaxation and inner reflection, participants have the opportunity to experience deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation under Faye's guidance.

For more details and to schedule your Sound Healing Ceremony connect with Faye at 706-857-6300. Due to high demand, appointments must be scheduled in advance. To ensure availability, we recommend contacting her as soon as possible before her schedule fills up.

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